The Empowering Migrants for Employment EME project is about mutual learning.

Together, the transnational partners in Belgium, Sweden and Finland will enhance their knowledge of good socially inclusive and empowering practices from each country.

This will be done by documenting, exchanging, evaluating and adapting good practices, innovative working methods and expertise towards the empowerment, inclusion and better employment of immigrants.

The outcomes for the mutual learning and evaluation process are, firstly, a method book including the best working methods and practices and secondly, a transnational network of European organizations working with the integration of immigrants and the enhancement of their employment skills and opportunities.

The main target group of the project is job seeking immigrants with a low educational background, especially women. Other target groups include social and civil organizations working with the integration and employment of jobseekers with an immigrant background, vocational schools and training centres offering adult education for immigrants and policymakers and other decision makers in the field of immigrant integration, employment and education on the local, regional, national and European level.

The main working methods in the EME project are transnational study visits and seminars, mapping and exchanging methods in theme-based working groups, development and agreement of joint principles for peer reviews and benchmark indicators as well as collaborative writing.