Piteå Municipality

The municipality of Piteå is a small municipality with about 42 000 inhabitants situated in northern Sweden. 

In Piteå, and throughout the whole region, the proportion of elderly people is expected to increase while the proportion of people of working age is decreasing. As a result, the elderly care needs more and more employees while the availability of staff is reducing. It is therefore important to look at the whole labour market to find new employees. At the moment, about 750 people work in the elderly care department in Piteå. 

Piteå’s national ESF project is called Employment for migrants which aims to achieve new methods that facilitate newly arrived migrants' entry in the labour market. It also aims at strengthening the competence support for the elderly care department. 

The main target group is unemployed migrants. Among the project activities are new methods for introduction to work, language/cultural coaching and validation/valorization of competences. 

Empolyment for Migrants project duration: 01/10/2018-28/02/2021

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