EVA vzw

EVA bxl is a non-profit organization with more than 20 years' experience as a social innovator. EVA develops pilot projects in Brussels responding to diverse social needs. EVA wants to make a difference by developing and testing alternative services and facilities that are high quality, accessible and tailored to the urban reality and diversity. A number of these projects focus on care, housing and employment. The aim of these initiatives is to generate work, salary increase and possibilities for personal development. The development of these projects is based on co-construction and participation of all involved parties. EVA appeals to the strengths and potential of the inhabitants of Brussels and wants to further develop their talents. 

EVA and its national project partners, VUB-Belgian Ageing Studies (BAS), Kenniscentrum WWZ and Groep INTRO, are carrying out an ESF project Culturally sensitive care ambassadors – valorizing talents+. EVA aims to close the gap between the care supply and the needs of elderly people living in underprivileged areas of Brussels by putting the potential of informal caregivers with migrant roots living in the same neighborhoods into use. 

Currently, we live in a diverse society where the potential of people with a migrant background is a much overlooked feature. Nevertheless, the use of that potential in the healthcare sector can help to provide better healthcare for elderly people. In addition, we have identified that traditional systems in the field of education and employment do not encourage people with several years of informal carers’ experience and who are ambitious to work in the healthcare sector. Meanwhile the need for professionals who can operate in a super-diverse context is extremely high. The restrictive systems don’t recognize the potential of these people. In this way, these systems are considered to be obstacles rather than gateways to a job in healthcare, although the informal caregivers with migrant roots could fulfill a meaningful role in care facilities.

EVA wants to respond to these needs by developing an accessible and appealing trajectory model that makes the potential of these informal caregivers with migrant roots visible and employable in order to improve their transfer to training and job opportunities within the professional care.

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